Fans recreate Ash and Pikachu into female versions and we can’t decide which one’s better!

December 19th, 2017

What if the protagonist of hit anime Pokemon, Ash Ketchum, turns out to be female? Have you ever wondered what he will look like? Well, fans of the franchise decided to recreate this character after the teaser for the untitled Pokemon film in 2018 was recently released.

What sparked this recreation was due to the free reign given to the production staff for this film. Apparently, Shizue Kaneko’s (animator for “If Her Leg Breaks” and “Pan de Peace”) style gave Ash a more delicate look that fans thought he will look better as a girl.

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Screenshot from YouTube.

User @MAJIbeef tweeted this simple re-design that gained a lot of traction and others decided to send in their works as well.

寒さにやられてる pic.twitter.com/XMmxdJAerQ

— りうす🤞 (@MAJIbeef) December 11, 2017

Someone decided to give the female version fuller lips and long eyelashes.

煌めきを足してみました。寒さにやられてます。 pic.twitter.com/PAxweTxZjw

— カサカサのかねこ (@kaneko09191010) December 11, 2017

While another one thought of making her skin a bit fairer.

即席で塗って来ただけなのでクオリティは勘弁を🙇 pic.twitter.com/ZToaYzAkNP

— バース♔ (@gurizaialoveeee) December 11, 2017

They are not just satisfied with re-creating Ash, they also tweaked Pikachu’s looks to match its master! One with long locks, while the other changed Pikachu’s color to pink.

やはりサトシとピカチュウは一心同体でなくてはならないと思い付け足しました pic.twitter.com/BDqmqal86i

— しゆんや (@morishun_ai) December 11, 2017

修行して参ります pic.twitter.com/NK2LmTTMq0

— 抜け殻な犠牲者 (@First02Victim) December 12, 2017

If that wasn’t enough to make them look feminine, another user added lipstick on Ash and Pikachu!

やはり石原さとみのような、唇が可愛いと思ったので、リップを塗らせて頂きました ご無礼をお許しください😢 pic.twitter.com/fW76cmHqJr

— わすたぎ@ロード垢 (@wasutagi_road) December 12, 2017

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