People on Twitter are questioning what this dessert is really called and now we’re confused

You’ve probably seen this served in a Filipino party or chilled in your own refrigerator right after your mom made one for the holidays. And yes, up until now, what we also know is that this graham dessert topped with mangoes is called “Mango Float.”

But Twitter user Dave Agbayani made people ask themselves what this common dessert is really called after he shared that some people in Luzon are calling it differently.


Dave shared that he asked his roommates if they ever made Mango Float during Christmas and they just looked at him like he’s mixing up things. He and his roommates both got confused because apparently, his friends call it “Graham Cake”.


Everyone is confused and some even got defensive at the thought that it’s called something else other than Mango Float.


Others who have known it as Graham Cake also came to defend what they thought the dessert is called.


One of Dave’s officemates even said yes when he jokingly asked if they call it a “Mango Tiramisu”.


Some suggested other names to unite this divided nation.


But honestly, whatever we call it, we know we’ll still eat it (and probably crave for it right now). Whatever this dessert is called, “Basta masarap sya,” we can all agree on that.

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