This kid caught tripping on a street in Google Maps is all of us in 2017

December 05th, 2017

If you are one of those people who started the year hopeful and optimistic but 2017 served you nothing but a whirlwind of disaster and a series of unfortunate events, then we’re here to tell you: WE FEEL YOU. *pats your shoulder*

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It has been a rough year–and if you need a visual representation of how the year went for some people—here’s a picture of a kid on Google Maps caught tripping on a street in Buenos Aires. (Just search for “Cnel. de Pinedo 199” on Google Maps to see it for yourself!)

Screenshot from Google Maps

He was just walking when he tripped and fell as the Google Maps Street View camera passed by and captured everything. This just shows that when life hits you hard, the universe is sure to find a way to give you a souvenir of your downfall.


Thanks, universe!

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So for everyone who feels like 2017 left them battered–physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted–this kid is all of us!

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Here’s to hoping that life won’t trip us over next year.

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