We bet you’ve never seen anything gayer than this “anti-LGBTQ” interpretive flag dance

November 24th, 2017

Okay, story time: An ardently anti-gay, holier-than-thou conservative group from Massachusetts called MassResistance recently held a Teens4Truth conference, where they teach young people their interpretation of what’s holy–such as discriminating against other human beings based on gender.


The seminar kicked off with an interpretive flag dance that seemed to be a performance from the last pride march. Even Britney Spears would be damn proud of this. Have a look:

Do you see what we mean? Just look at this queen:

Those bigots have probably never seen anyone so fabulous:

Even the song that he danced to could totally be the next gay anthem about coming out of the closet, with lyrics like “love tells your heart it’s time to start beating” and “love keeps no record of wrong”.

It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve watched the video– we still don’t get how it is supposed to represent the beliefs held dear by this hate group. But you go, girl! Work those flags! And see you at the next Pride!

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