WATCH: Emotional reunion between a dog and his owner brings the internet to tears

August 16th, 2017

Every dog owner knows that the love they have for their pets is one that is truly unconditional.

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And this sincere devotion makes separating from their canine counterparts feel almost excruciating.

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So you can imagine the pain this dog owner felt when he had to appear in court and have Judge Judy Sheindlin rule who his pooch’s rightful owner was.

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In the show’s episode, the man can be seen in a custody battle with a woman, who claimed she legally owned the dog after purchasing the canine off a seller outside the mall.

But through a series of legal discussions, Judge Judy asked that the dog be brought into the courtroom and let loose. Surprisingly, the dog immediately ran towards the man who lovingly called him “Baby Boy.”

The whole courtroom was in awe of the love between the pet owner and his dog. And almost everyone in the room couldn’t help but clap at the sweet turn of events.

Watch the full video and weep:

OMG WE CRI!!! 😭😭😭

Screenshot from Youtube video

We truly wish the best for this owner and his Baby Boy. And we thank Judge Judy for making the right decision when it came down to it!

Via Giphy

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