Japanese girl imitates Junji Ito’s characters and she will scare you to hell!

A Twitter user, @Mamakiteru, brings to life Junji Ito’s characters through very realistic make up that will surely give you the creeps!

An obvious fan of Junji Ito, the user regularly tweets her latest version of a character from any of the artist’s works. If you are not familiar with Junji Ito, he is a Japanese horror manga artist best known for his works Tomie, Uzumaki, and Gyo. Tomie is about an immortal girl who drives her admirers into madness. Uzumaki, on the other hand, is series about a town that is obsessed with spirals. And Gyo illustrates the story about fish that carry the bacteria called “the death stench”.

Most of Junji Ito’s characters are pale girls with sleek black hair which pays tribute to Yurei, a Japanese ghost that you can find in notable horror films The Ring and The Grudge.

Check out her other photos below:

You can visit her account for more!

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