Millie Bobby Brown “shares love and positivity” with @Milliestopshate TW account

July 19th, 2017

Actress Millie Bobby Brown recently launched a new Twitter account, @Milliestopshate, that’s taking the internet by storm. Brown, known for her portrayal of Eleven, a young girl with psychokinetic abilities and a limited vocabulary, in the Netflix Original hit series Stranger Things, put up this account to combat hate and bullying, and spread positivity in social media.

New account sharing love and positivity! Managed by me ✌️ @Milliestopshate ❤️❤️❤️

— Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebbrown) July 17, 2017

Brown further clarified that she would like to encourage and give advice to anyone needing help…

I will tweet encouragement and advice for situations that need love and help. 💙

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 17, 2017

…and encourages others to share their stories.

Hey guys share stories and love! I love you all 🦋

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 17, 2017

Her fans were quick to support and compliment the young actress’s not-so-strange move:

So much to admire about you! Talent + humanity = hope for the world. Thank you.

— Gary King (@grking) July 18, 2017

i love you millie this is such a wonderful thing to do

— mal loves chloe (@cosmicwheeler) July 17, 2017

This is amazing Millie, you are an inspiration and I hope you know we'll always be there for you too 💞

— cam met ariana (@CLizten) July 17, 2017

we need more Millies in this world❤️

— Trinity Spudic (@trin_trin4427) July 18, 2017

i can't stop admiring you, we all can stop the hate together, thank you so much for this♥

— barbizcocho (@absolutsuarez) July 17, 2017

And it seems Eleven doesn’t have limited vocabulary here! After putting up the account, in just two days Brown has already started giving advice and help to people. Here are some of her tweets:

Reply with: screaming is not the answer. I will do as you say if you tell me in an educated and kind way. Love u ❤️ stay strong 🌸

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 17, 2017

Your a strong girl. Remember I'll always support you. 🦋

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 17, 2017

No. Don't give up. Sit your family down and explain how your feeling. Giving up is not the answer to anything! Put a smile on your face 🙂

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 18, 2017

Look in the mirror. Tell yourself that your beautiful, because you are. The best way to feel happy is to make other people happy 🐥

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 18, 2017

Be you. Don't listen to them. You are your own person. Address it to them and say " are you not ok with me believing in my religion?"

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 18, 2017

Aside from giving advice and encouraging others, Brown also shared that she was bullied before.

I got bullied when I was 8 years old and I had to move schools. You don't want to talk to anyone about it but please share stories 🐳

— Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate) July 18, 2017

This sparked others to come out and share their stories too. But that’s not all, people are already helping each other out!

Millie Bobby Brown, Millie Stops Hate, Twitter

Millie Bobby Brown, Millie Stops Hate, Twitter

With all the garbage present in social media today, this young actress reminds us that a simple act can create ripples of change in people’s lives. Keep it up, Millie!

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