Skittles strips off their colors to honor LGBT Pride month’s rainbow

June 16th, 2017

While many marketers attempt to associate almost anything to the LGBT+ Pride rainbow to capitalize on it, Skittles decided to change the game and ditched their rainbow colors because “only one rainbow matters.”

The candy company known for its colorful lentils goes “rainbowless” to honor the LGBT+ rainbow this Pride month. “During Pride, only one rainbow deserves to be the center of attention. So Skittles have given theirs up,” the brand announces in their ad.

They partnered with British retail chain Tesco to offer these white candies in black and white bags for a limited edition in the U.K. Each sale will help raise money for the LGBT+ charity initiatives of Tesco.

Despite the good cause behind it, the candy company’s campaign has yet again divided the internet.

Most people commended and showed their support for the brand.

'Only one rainbow matters' @Skittles have dropped their rainbow colours again in support of LGBT Pride! What an amazing brand! #Pride2017 🌈 pic.twitter.com/chH4ZeEl11

— Pride Cymru (@PrideCymru) June 7, 2017

@Skittles marketing director deserves every dime they make. #genius #marketing #PrideMonth #Pride2017 #Pride #Skittles pic.twitter.com/tazDVOfWgo

— Danna LeAnn (@DannaLeAnn) June 14, 2017

wtf, I love skittles now #pride pic.twitter.com/XcDIG23C43

— Not Ricky Vaughn ⚑🌹 (@RickyVaughnX2) June 15, 2017

Absolutely love this, what a fabulous idea!! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖@Skittles @Tesco 🏳️‍🌈
#norainbow #pride pic.twitter.com/SpUrDCuPv7

— Becky Gresty (@beckstaa) June 5, 2017

Loving that @Tesco #camberley are selling these awesome #pride @Skittles There is always #onerainbow in our house! 🏳️‍🌈@ajones_ptp pic.twitter.com/tAbCN8yXmS

— Em Miller-McCaffrey (@emmabaldry) June 3, 2017


Others are not having it and accused the brand of racism.

This is soooo fucking stupid.
Why should whiteness mean equality?!
Thats the fucking problem!
We will never have nor want whiteness!! pic.twitter.com/zatBSbSNDA

— Tora Shae (@BlackMajiik) March 31, 2017

"All the lentils are white in celebration of Pride." Sooooooo to celebrate equality they make white skittles…. how is that not racist?

— Chloe Cowan (@cowan_chloe) April 2, 2017


But some people also defended the brand and shut down racism claims by pointing out that the candies all look white when you take the artificial colors out of them.

People r losing it over the #whiteskittles (bc of race) what color do u think the skittles are when they lose the artificial color? Chill.

— JADE (@MusicalJade) June 14, 2017

Skittles doing white Skittles to support Gay Pride month and people accusing them of racism is the latest smash my own head in moment today. pic.twitter.com/UaPEtPYqVS

— Steve Atkinson® (@steveacko1975) June 15, 2017

If people really want equality for all, we must stop making mountains from molehills. White Skittles = equality, not racism.

— Zac Budde (@TheBudde) June 15, 2017

Anyone complaining that the white #skittles for pride month is racist must think every piece of BLANK white paper is racist too. Dumb shits.

— jilliannnnn (@OMFGitsjillie) June 14, 2017

Every June, we raise the rainbow flag to celebrate Pride Month and embrace the vibrancy of the LGBT+ community. It’s a time where we all take pride in how diverse the world can be without labels, race, color, and gender. Just equality for all.

So, rainbow or no rainbow for Skittles, promoting equality and supporting the LGBT+ community is what we should all be proud of doing. Happy Pride Month, fam!

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