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10 things you shouldn’t forget when attending a K-Pop concert

D-Day has come and feeling excited is an understatement for you – it’s finally the day you get to see your bias in person! But be careful, sometimes uncontainable feels can lead you to forget important items.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of items and tips for you to keep in mind before you create wonderful memories with your fandom:


1. Ticket


Aigoo! This shouldn’t even be on the list! Do not forget this! You know this is your pass, right? This is your key to the thousand-seater home you and your boyfriend will live in for the next 2 to 3 hours! And no, he does not have a spare key for you.


2. Lightstick


What is a K-pop Concert without a lightstick? Never ever forget to bring a lightstick with you. I guarantee you, it will feel good, knowing that you’re part of that blue, pink, yellow or rainbow ocean in the crowd.

Tip: You may choose to avail the official merchandise (shirt, fan, lightsticks) on the venue and concert day. If it’s not included in the budget, an ordinary lightstick or glow in the dark, with the same color as your fandom, will suffice.


3. Banners

Photos from Reiko Suetsugu
Photos from Reiko Suetsugu

Because oppa will truly notice it. But be mindful of the size of your banners. You don’t want to be an obstruction to your fellow fanwives, right?


4. Fashionable and comfy clothes

File photo
File photo

Yes, you want to look your best for your “namja chingu” but don’t compromise comfort when picking your concert #OOTD. You might end up not seeing oppa at all. And besides, you’re his Ms. Right, oppa will love you no matter how you look like. Just keep note of the venue’s dress code.

Tip: You can bring a spare shirt so you won’t feel sticky inside the venue after queueing for almost a whole day.


5. Phone

via Tumblr
via Tumblr

Communicate with your concert buddies, tweet your pseudo boyfie who’s about to perform onstage, and capture some of the best memories of the night to share on IG. But like in every crowded places, it’s also very easy to lose gadgets in a concert.



6. Powerbank

via Preen

Your bias grabbed your phone and was about to take a selfie and poof! Your phone’s power just went down to Z-E-R-O. Masakit, bes. Always bring at least a 2000mAH powerbank to prevent this from happening.

Tip: Buy only from the LEGIT stores. You wouldn’t want to bring an exploding device, don’t you?


7. Handkerchief

via Tumblr
via Tumblr

I suggest you bring three pieces of hankies. One for your sweat, one for your tears, and one for your feels.


8. Don’t overpack

File photo
File photo

This is important, especially if your ticket is for the standing area. Whatever position you have during the queue outside, that won’t matter when security blocks before entering you because your bag was too big or you brought a whole lot of items that aren’t allowed inside the venue. Besides, who would want to carry a heavy bag while waiting outside the venue, right? So remember, PACK LIGHT.


9. Lots of Energy

File photo
File photo

…and patience. The concert doesn’t start at 6 or 7pm. The feels start coming in the moment you open your eyes and it’s finally D-Day. It’s the day that you will meet your “hubby” (yes, we know you’re claiming it).

You need the energy to find all your fan-eonnis. You need the patience to wait for the doors to open. You need the energy to find your seat. You need the energy to shout out all the feels. You need the energy to make oppa feel that you’re there. And lastly, you need to the energy to go back home.


10. Know your fan missions and chants!


As K-Pop fans we want our bias’ stay in our country to be very memorable. To achieve that, you have to participate during fan missions! Be it singing a special song you share with the group or holding up “Gomawo/Salamat” signs during encore. You can go to your trusted fan clubs for a list of fanchants and fan missions.

You can practice your fanchants by watching your idol’s performances on Viu! You can also download and watch their performances offline so you can definitely do a group practice while waiting in line.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Your bias group came here to interact with you and give you the show of a lifetime – and maybe wreck your bias list too.


by Nathalie Esteban and Emyfer Flores (Contributor)

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