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Potterheads reinvent book titles with #PotterABook

March 06th, 2017

In celebration of UK’s World Book Day last Thursday, bookworms around the world took over Twitter by adding a Harry Potter twist to their fave lit classics.

Using the hashtag #PotterABook, Twitter users put forth their witty renditions of books such as: “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” “The Girl on Train,” “I Am Number Four,” “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” and “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.”

The tweets were very on point that they can already pass as real book titles!

A Sirius of Unfortunate Events #PotterABook

— Allison Rose (@alliethehamster) March 2, 2017

He Who Shall Not Be Named is Just Not That Into You. #PotterABook

— Bry (@ChiGuyBry) March 2, 2017

The Girl on the Hogwarts Express #PotterABook

— goodreads (@goodreads) March 2, 2017

Perhaps Twitter users can put up #TolkienABook or #GOTABook as well? That would be great!

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Here are other amusing tweets you’ll find:

#PotterABook Professor Dumbledore's Home for Peculiar Children

— Leah Cantu (@ImUrHuckleb3rry) March 2, 2017

Me Before You Know Who #PotterABook

— Fiona N (@FionaMNT) March 2, 2017

Oh, The Places You'll Apparate #potterabook

— Lizzie K (@SparkOfInsanity) March 2, 2017

Are You There, Dumbledore? It's Me, Minerva #PotterABook

— Death of Civility (@deathofcivility) March 2, 2017

The Fault in Our Scars #PotterABook

— ℛice (@shutupmeghan) March 2, 2017

I Am Number Four, Privet Drive #PotterABook

— Melissa Albert (@mimi_albert) March 2, 2017

The Lion, the Snitch, and the Wardrobe #PotterABook

— B&N Kids Blog (@BNKids) March 2, 2017

What to expect when you're expecto patronum #PotterABook

— Tyler Davis (@WmTylerDavis) March 2, 2017

The Cat in the Sorting Hat #PotterABook

— Emily Ecker (@EmilySEcker) March 2, 2017

Got your own #PotterABook twist? Share it in our comment section!

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