Salt Bae anoints Leonardo DiCaprio’s steak with his iconic salting technique

February 03rd, 2017

Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio was left starstruck after Turkish chef, Nusret Gökçe a.k.a Salt Bae personally seasoned his prime cut steak last Thursday at the Nusr-Et Dubai restaurant.

Salt Bae posted this epic moment on Instagram and the internet world went gaga over it. Check out Leo’s reactions that are definitely meme-worthy.

Twitter users couldn’t help but dish out their new DiCaprio memes:

Salt Bae became an instant internet sensation after he posted this video on Instagram revealing his dramatic and elegant sprinkling of salt on meat:

He is slowly gaining popularity among celebs after Rihanna and Ben Affleck were seen wearing Salt Bae shirts.

Now that he’s hit the big time with DiCaprio, Salt Bae is definitely moving up the social ladder.

Can’t wait for another meme-worthy photo when Salt Bae’s steakhouse opens in New York!

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