Zoos battle it out with “cute animal tweet off” on Twitter!

January 27th, 2017

Everyday, we see toxic news online — crimes, abuse, and turmoil from all over the world. But just when you thought you couldn’t take a break from all of these, cuteness was served in an epic “cute animal tweet off,” thanks to several national zoos.

It all started when the Smithsonian National Zoo proudly welcomed this adorable gray seal pup:

We welcomed a gray seal pup Jan. 21. The pup appears to be nursing, moving & bonding well w/ mom. https://t.co/l0Bzu7g8ek #Squee pic.twitter.com/nEhuJe6vBk

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) January 25, 2017

Then Sarah Hill, a radio host of Radio Free Radio in Hampton, then challenged Virginia Aquarium to step up their game.

@SarahJanetHill #challengeaccepted We see @NationalZoo 's seal pup, and raise an otter/osprey combo. pic.twitter.com/D9zDWXxuDb

— Virginia Aquarium (@VAAquarium) January 25, 2017

National Zoo, of course, wouldn’t back down with this baby Bornean orangutan.

.@VAAquarium This is Redd, our endangered Bornean orangutan infant. And he is the cutest. Do you fold yet? #challengeaccepted pic.twitter.com/ED6WiZun1R

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) January 25, 2017

The challenge turned into a cuteness battle between National Zoo and Virginia Aquarium — and everything escalated cutely!

@NationalZoo Don't worry, we're still here. pic.twitter.com/0Qm9dcvMD9

— Virginia Aquarium (@VAAquarium) January 25, 2017

.@VAAquarium Yawn. pic.twitter.com/szDSpmWnud

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) January 25, 2017

Other zoos got involved too and we were blessed with more cuteness!

@SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @sandiegozoo @ZooATL @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami #cuteanimaltweetoff? Bam: an oldie but a goodie. pic.twitter.com/6kjrTXG9dl

— Bronx Zoo (@BronxZoo) January 25, 2017

@SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @BronxZoo @sandiegozoo @sfzoo @phillyzoo @PhoenixZoo @zoomiami We're always down for a #cuteanimaltweetoff! pic.twitter.com/hmkYOLBjrx

— Zoo Atlanta (@ZooATL) January 25, 2017

And oh, deer God, help us with this cuteness!

@VAAquarium @phillyzoo @ZooATL @BronxZoo @SarahJanetHill Ahem, the world's smallest deer checking in for the #cuteanimaltweetoff. #pudu pic.twitter.com/b4sZbQTz56

— Queens Zoo (@thequeenszoo) January 25, 2017

Who wouldn’t love a koala?

This #cuteanimaltweetoff is #koality stuff. @BronxZoo @sfzoo @ZooATL @phillyzoo @VAAquarium @SarahJanetHill @VLMuseum @PhoenixZoo pic.twitter.com/JCo55WQZmF

— Zoo Miami (@zoomiami) January 25, 2017

These are otterly adorable! I mean, look at how pure they look!

@GeorgiaAquarium @NatlAquarium @TNAquarium @SarahJanetHill @MontereyAq hey guys, room for sea otters in the #cuteanimaltweetoff? pic.twitter.com/kvjGO6352q

— New York Aquarium (@nyaquarium) January 25, 2017

Nothing to see here – just a river otter snuggling with his stuffed animals #cuteanimaltweetoff pic.twitter.com/bbBAHh2OGY

— Aquarium of the Bay (@AquariumOTheBay) January 26, 2017

Because Brook deserves her own post. #CuteAnimalTweetOff #OtterlyAdorable pic.twitter.com/2z2czhvKHT

— Aquarium of Pacific (@AquariumPacific) January 25, 2017

This is one knows how to ace the selfie game:

Oh no she didn't! Our baby jaguar Babette just entered a selfie in the #cuteanimaltweetoff. pic.twitter.com/yj12hr8vdk

— Tulsa Zoo (@TulsaZoo) January 26, 2017



What did we do to deserve all these?

Wait, everyone! Our #redpanda cub wants to be included in the #cuteanimaltweetoff pic.twitter.com/0bL8UiHV8f

— Denver Zoo (@DenverZoo) January 26, 2017

"Excuse me, can I get in on this, too?" #CuteAnimalTweetOff pic.twitter.com/MATHGrJgvI

— Elmwood Park Zoo (@ElmwoodParkZoo) January 25, 2017

It's not a competition, but … #cuteanimaltweetoff pic.twitter.com/bhZkbvetT4

— Reid Park Zoo (@ReidParkZoo) January 25, 2017

Truly, this cute animal tweet off is one of the best thing that ever happened on Twitter.

Can't believe we almost missed the #CuteAnimalTweetOff! Thanks for letting us know @CabernetLvr! pic.twitter.com/9gTgyc5i9A

— Seattle Aquarium (@SeattleAquarium) January 25, 2017

Can we make this like an annual or everyday thing to save us all from misery so we can just drown ourselves with these uncontainable cuteness?

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