Apple makes technology accessible for PWDs in this empowering video

November 08th, 2016

“People think that having a disability is a barrier.”

Apple does everything to help people with disabilities (PWDs) to prove others wrong.

Creating new technology should be beneficial not only for some people, but for everyone — including people with disabilities.

Apple launched its new Accessibility site that guides PWD users into understanding technologies of Apple products such as: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV — with features especially designed to make their everyday lives better. Along with the site is a video that features Sady Paulson, a woman with Cerebral Palsy narrating how she sees things different from people who think that having a disability is a barrier.

The video opens with Sady getting ready for the day as a woman brushes her hair and helps her put on some clothes. When she gets to her Mac computer, she uses Apple’s Switch Control where she uses the pads on her chair as she shifts her head side to side to navigate through her computer.

The video features a blind man who capture photos from his iPhone using image recognition, friends who communicate through sign language via Facetime, a woman who controls her window blinds from her iPhone before she gets to her wheelchair, a schoolboy focuses on his reading as his iPad reads out and highlights words from the screen, and a woman who pushes herself to achieve her wheelchair workout goals with the help of her Apple Watch.

It shows how PWDs enhance their everyday lives using their Apple devices — proving how technology can truly be accessible for everyone.

Then, the video goes into reverse and reveals that Sady has been editing it the whole time using Switch Control on her Mac.

With Accessibility, Apple believes that “the most powerful technology in the world is technology that everyone, including people with disabilities, can use.”

Apple also released a second version of the video with audio descriptions.

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