Halilihan: Wika ng Bayanihan, a drive for a change

February 22nd, 2021

Taking the initiative will always be the drive needed for great change. This is what the UST English Language Studies Society’s (UST-ELSSOC) community development project, “Halilihan: Wika ng Bayanihan,” aims to achieve to help the indigenous students and teachers at Sta. Juliana National High School (SJNHS) in Capas, Tarlac. 

“Halilihan” is a Filipino word that means “to bring about change,” which describes the meaningful change the project hopes to provide to the lives of indigenous learners and teachers of Sta. Juliana National High School. By raising funds and proceeds from our partner local brands, Hiatus Manila and Tala by Kyla, the community’s struggle with inadequate teaching and learning materials essential for institutional learning would be eased.

Indigenous children around the world have historically been denied the right to embrace their own heritage and identity when pursuing inclusive education. There is a myriad of challenges and barriers that Indigenous learners face to attain quality and comprehensive education—from systemic inequality rooted in education systems and skewed renditions of their history to lack of government support.

Halilihan: Wika ng Bayanihan, as a fundraiser and donation drive, is not just a one-time project of raising enough funds to provide the community with adequate and suitable educational materials, but it is also about initiating an action to raise awareness on the educational struggles of the Indigenous Peoples Learners in the Philippines. Knowing their current state can bring about the change and raise awareness on what we can do as privileged members of the society to further prioritize and meet the needs of the communities of our IP learners. Currently, the fundraiser is still open for cash and in-kind donations.

In solidarity, let us help provide the need for sufficient and suitable learning materials for the learners and teachers of Sta. Juliana, and raise awareness towards a more inclusive and equitable education for all. Be part of the change for Sta. Juliana. 

Know more about the cause and how you can donate here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/halilihan.fundraiserph

Instagram: @halilihan.fundraiserph

Twitter: @halilihan_ph





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