#POPChristmas2020 Gift Ideas: Quinto Coffee for your coffeehead friends and loved ones

November 04th, 2020

(Editor’s Note): Small businesses are important because they provide opportunities for our local entrepreneurs, as well as sustainable and meaningful livelihood/means of income for many of their hired workforce. That is why starting this November, the editorial team of POP! will be featuring gift ideas from small businesses to give them the marketing push they need to reach a wider audience. Let’s help our local entrepreneurs bounce back this year!


For young proprietors Judd and Angela Reyes, Quinto Coffee was born out of their personal passion for good coffee–and where to always buy it on a whim. “Not to diminish anyone’s preference, but we’re just really not huge fans of 3-in-1 coffee mixes. We enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee,” Angela explains.  “Although we enjoy the chain store coffee, paying a hundred plus for a cup everyday adds up quickly. When we were still going to the office, we tried looking for more affordable alternatives like fast food restaurants where we could order at the drive thru on the way to work, or even convenience stores for our everyday cup.”

Quinto Coffee

The married couple, who had corporate jobs in marketing and market research before jump-starting the business, now operates Quinto Coffee full time and are behind the social media presence of the newly setup brand.

“Back then, it was about necessity; about getting our caffeine fix to get through a full day’s work. We didn’t know much about the intricacies of coffee; like the type of beans, the grind, the roast levels, etc. but we came to appreciate coffee even more during the pandemic because we started trying to make our own brews at home. We were given an opportunity to work with an excellent and reliable supplier who provides us with quality-roasted beans,” the husband-and-wife tandem tells POP! team during an interview. “Quinto Coffee is all about accessibility; we want to offer our customers good quality coffee that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. This is especially important during these trying times since people work from home and miss their morning cup at the office or just want to treat themselves to their favorite coffee shop.  We order whole beans and grind upon order so that each batch is freshly made,” Angela adds.

Quinto Coffee

Quinto Coffee

Quinto Coffee’s variants include Arabica, Hazelnut, Robusta and Excelsa in whole beans or grounds form. Recently, the brand has added a new flavored coffee, Mocha, which the couple is really excited about as it adds more variety to what they currently offer. “It’s gotten good traction and has already sold out in the first week! It is currently our favorite brew in the house, just add a little milk, and the dark chocolate flavor really pops out.”

For those who are quite unsure what variant to first try, Judd and Angela offers some helpful description to aid in the selection:



“Arabica is one of our bestsellers.  This one is for those that prefer their coffee black. It has a myriad of tastes; and is always the favorite kid on the block. It is delicate and familiar like Sundays at home with the family. The sweet and delicate flavor of Quinto Coffee’s Arabica variant doesn’t need any add-ons.”


“Hazelnut is the first flavored coffee variant that we came out with.  Hazelnut is a well-loved flavor, and is best known for its aroma that fills up the room.  Perfect upper after a long meeting and energizer for the zoom video cons after lunch.”


“Robusta has a deep toasty flavor with hints of chocolate.  It has a heavier body but smooth texture.  It also has the highest caffeine content among the variants.  For those big days, load up on Quinto Coffee’s Robusta.”


“Excelsa is fruity yet a bit bitter and flavorful.  It gives a dark-roasty vibe but is very balanced.  It is not your ordinary brew but definitely a kicker.  If you like adding milk and sugar or flavors to your coffee, this is the perfect variant for you.”


Quinto Coffee is available via online order. Click here to make your order to kickstart your #QuintoCoffeeHabit: bit.ly/2PXzlEg




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