Why not try your hand at some spooky nail art this Halloween? Image: IStock.com/Peter Hermus via AFP Relaxnews

LOOK: Get creative with some spooky nail art this Halloween

October 30th, 2020

Whether you’re spending Halloween with friends and family in the flesh, or on Skype as lockdown measures return, get into the spirit with some spooky nail art. Influencers, brands and beauty fans are getting imaginative with some spectacular manicures. Here’s a look at some of the most creative nails out there this Halloween.

The most original

Imagery from Mexico’s Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) celebrations at the beginning of November is increasingly being seen at Halloween, offering revelers a change from the usual line-up of monsters, ghosts and zombies. Nail pro Sigourney Nuñez (@nailartbysig) offers a glimpse of her latest creation themed entirely around this Mexican holiday, with motifs inspired by the country’s culture as well as the traditional “calaveras” (skulls).


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The most appetizing

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween. And what Halloween look would be complete without some kind of reference to these tasty, brightly-colored fall fruits? Nail art fan Amy Tran (@amyytran) brings pumpkins to her fingertips with a minimalist manicure that’s easy to recreate. She starts with a virtually translucent base, then paints pumpkins over the top with a paintbrush, using black for the outline and orange inside. It’s a nail art design that everyone can try their hand at this Oct. 31.


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The most girly

The British nail artist Katie Alice (@katiealice_nail_design) stands out with a manicure featuring a pastel pink base — an unusually saccharine choice for a festival associated with all things spooky. But don’t be fooled! This pink background is covered with loads of tiny Halloween-related images, like ghosts, candy, bats and spiderwebs.

The most fun

Halloween may be about ghosts and ghouls but it’s also a time for fun, especially in these uncertain times as the pandemic looms large. That’s the vibe that nail art enthusiast Charlotte (@nailchark) has gone for, with a manicure that could inspire Halloween revelers of all ages. On a translucent base, she has carefully added a slew of Halloween symbols in black, white and orange, with gold glitter. From ghosts and bats to spiders, skulls and black cats, she’s got everything covered!



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