The bodycon mask dress by PrettyLittleThing. Image: PrettyLittleThing via AFP Relaxnews

Is the mask dress this winter’s must-have wardrobe item?

October 14th, 2020
20201014 Mask dress

he bodycon mask-dress by PrettyLittleThing. Image: PrettyLittleThing via AFP Relaxnews

Whoever said that masks could not be stylish was definitely overlooking the overflowing imagination and creativity of your favorite designers and labels. While masks featuring logos and matching prints of outfits are nowadays legion, a new arrival in the realm of pandemic fashion could well “break the internet”: the mask dress, a combination of trend and practicality.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, protective masks have quickly become stylish and indispensable accessories, even though many wearers opt for surgical ones. One need only type the keyword in a search engine to discover the variety of different masks on offer, from customizable to luxury ones, including fun patterns and stylish designs.

Ready-to-wear brands are surfing the trend and regularly coming up with attractive new models. One example is the Off-White logo masks, which have been the trendiest fashion accessories for the first two quarters of 2020, according to Lyst data.

While wearing a face mask is mandatory in most cities worldwide, some brands are taking the essential one step further by offering models to match wedding dresses, complete looks or even Halloween costumes. In the past few weeks, visor-type shields mounted on bucket hats have also been spotted, but the must-have in this area of fashion is a high collar dress that serves as a sexy garment, but also as COVID-19 protection.

Retailer PrettyLittleThing is currently generating buzz after having unveiled several colorways of its bodycon mask dress, including gray, blue, leopard print and black, which can double as a “Catwoman” look.

The long-sleeved dress is absolutely inseparable from its mask, which is rather convenient, however no mention is made if it complies with health norms required to avoid contamination.

While it may not be elegant or even align with the casual chic trend that is very of the moment, this jersey dress, selling for around $19 (approx. P900), is not only selling out online, but could very well inspire other brands and designers to come up with other approaches, such as a pantsuit integrating a mask.

Certain Spring/Summer 2021 shows have already explored the mask as part of fashion recently, such as those by Marine Serre and Paco Rabanne. So why not try to fight the virus with style? CC


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