Man tries to sell ‘Invisibility Cloak’ online and people are quite interested

With the growing competition in online business, sellers have to think of creative ways to market their products. And for buyers, nothing beats putting up a good deal and a brilliant ad to convince them it’s worth their money. “Sale,” “Buy one, Take one,” “Freebies”? Say no more, fam.

It’s  also difficult to find rare items with great bargain online and it’s even harder to trust sellers when you can’t see the actual product. But Stewart Knox just changed the game when he tried to sell an “invisibility cloak” for £200 in Stuff for Sale Edinburgh and Lothians Facebook group and proved that you can get buyers for products people can’t even see! Potterheads would probably know he is up to no good.

The cloak clearly is a great catch not only to Harry Potter fans but also to those who want to try going invisible. And to assure prospective buyers that the product is legit and he means business, Knox even provided photos of the invisibility cloak.

via Stewart Knox / Stuff for Sale Edinburgh and Lothians

“I have included one picture of the cloak and one with it on. Size 42 men’s with a 15 inch collar and 2 inside pockets in colour blue. still has tags on it worn a few times but selling as I’ve put some weight on and is tight around the chest,” he wrote on his post.

Here’s a picture of him wearing the cloak. Will you look at that!

via Stewart Knox / Stuff for Sale Edinburgh and Lothians

Harry Potter fan or not, people were quite interested with the product.

Some have “ideas” on how the cloak can be useful for them.

And like any other customers online, some tried to ask for “swap” and haggle.

It’s safe to say that “all is well” in the end for Knox, and “mischief managed,” indeed!


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