NOT Ramona the cat.

If you’ve ever managed a social media page, you know that accidentally posting personal stuff is just a wrong tab click away.

Just this Monday, a staff member of American media organization NPR (National Public Radio) accidentally posted about a cat named Ramona on their official Facebook page. The post went viral, receiving more than 39,000 reactions at the time of writing.

The post was immediately edited, accompanied by an apology.

EDIT: This post was intended for a personal account. We apologize for the error.

NPR 发布于 2017年10月2日

Too late, though. People wanted more of Ramona the cat.

Despite not knowing what Ramona actually looks like, it seems people have already fallen in love with her.

People have also urged NPR not to punish the poster (presumably Ramona’s owner) for the faux pas.

We want more of Ramona the Cat, NPR!