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Submitted by: Vianca Antonette Catibog

“Wait, WDYM? TBH, I do not understand what you’re saying. SMH!! Can you please teach me those V difficult words RN? Thx!!”

Gone are the days when people were using full sentences, words or even perfect grammar to communicate and have a conversation with their friends and families. Probably, most of us have seen these “new-age abbreviations” in our social media accounts and got us confused because we’re not familiar with those words. Do you feel outdated? Don’t worry cause we got you a list of some of these “new-age abbreviations”.

#1 – What Do You Mean?

#2 – To Be Honest

#3 – So Much Hate

#4 – Very

#5 – Right Now

#6 – Thanks

#7 – Nevermind

#8 – Because

#9 – I Don’t Care

#10 – Let Me Know

#11 – Hit Me Up

#12 – Laughing My Ass Out

#13 – F*ck My Life

#14 – People

#15 – Good game

#16 – In Real Life

#17 – Fear of Missing out

#18 – Talk to you later

#19 – Just Kidding

#20 – Thanks for the information