HIRIE announces new single ‘Bonfire’

September 16th, 2020

On September 18, 2020 Pop-reggae sensation HIRIE releases their new single Bonfire.

Bonfire was written by Patricia Jetton, singer/songwriter and front woman of HIRIE. The new single also features Gold Certified music producer and writer Paul Couture. The hitmaker’s credits include, French Montana, Shwayze, and Max B’s ‘Coke Wave 4’. Of the new track and collaboration, Paul says “Normally my favorite part of the process is actually vibing in the studio with the artist. Due to the pandemic with her in Cali & me in NYC that obviously couldn’t happen. Trish is such a pro; it was refreshing to work with her over FaceTime & exchange ideas. All she told me was she wanted to try something new. As soon as I heard her vocal delivery over the beat I was hyped!”

Patricia also known by her fans as “Trish” explains that “Bonfire is about quieting your inner chatter – or rather, burning it so that the truth can find its way out. I wrote it as a “release” from something that happened to me recently which left me feeling tragically weak as an artist. Bonfire is my way of firing back and saying “hey, you know what? I still got this”. I hope what people take away from this song is that they too can burn down negative circumstances and rise above it all.”

In creating the song Trish says “working with Paul was refreshing and effortless! He supported me in the best ways and gave critical suggestions as needed! Being that this was my first time professionally recording vocals at my home studio, I was so stoked to have Paul who cheered me along the way. I can’t wait to work on more great music with him!”

In addition to the release of Bonfire. HIRIE will treat their fans to an immersive one of a kind virtual experience. The live stream which she’s affectionately called, Wish You Were Here will be streamed live on September 18 via her YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/hirie). “This is an opportunity to stay connected with our fans until we can see them in real-life again, soon!” explains Trish. The acoustic performance will feature classics including Almost Home and Better as Is, as well as a first-time performance of the new single, Bonfire.


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