10-year-old shares his thoughts and drawings during this quarantine period

April 24th, 2020

This #POPKids entry was submitted by Adam A. Carlos, a 5th-grade student in San Sebastián College Recoletos – Manila.

During this period of quarantine, Carlos shares with us his thoughts and his unique drawing.

He tells POP!, “The first week of enhanced community quarantine was really fun. I could sleep in late, wake up late, and [I] did not [even] have to worry about going to school. But everything changed in the second week, I [started to become] bored of the usual routine. I missed school and I missed my teachers. I was scared of how I was supposed to learn, even though our last exams were over. My school teachers started giving us updates via our group chat and FB page–[and] that kept me engaged. My mom said I am a person who needs to do something different or I get bored really quickly. My mom suggested [that I] keep a schedule; so, I did. Most of the time, I forgot what was I supposed to do according to my schedule! And in many cases, my schedule included more screen time than hands-on work. That made it harder for me to go to sleep; I would stay up ’til 12:00 a.m. and then, sleep.

As I did not have any physical exercise during this lockdown period, I would just slouch in front of my screen and sit there the whole time. So my mom pushed me off this bad habit and she made me a list of things which I should not do. She then told me the consequences of not being active and slouching in front of the screen for [a] long time. It could hurt my eyes and my back. That made me responsible and kicked up my energy. I re-made a schedule, which I stick to back to basic drawing.”

Here is a sample of his sketches:

Photo Credit: Adam A. Carlos/ POP! Kids

This is a photo of Adam sketching his bird drawing. Photo Credit: Adam A. Carlos/ POP! Kids

POP! Kids/ Adam A. Carlos


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