‘Adorable Home’ is taking casual mobile gaming by storm with its cuteness and relatable scenarios

March 02nd, 2020

Compared to war-themed mobile games, “Adorable Home” doesn’t require you to kill other players and attack certain territories for gems or coins. In this life-simulation game created by HyperBeard, all you need to do is turn your brand new house into, well, an adorable home.

Every day, you have to prepare your partner’s bento box and take care of your pets to earn love. After you have earned plenty of hearts or love for a job well done, you can now use it to unlock new areas in the house or purchase more furniture, decorations, and cats. Because of its user-friendly interface and design-your-own-home feature, Adorable Home has become the talk of the town on social media since its release last January.

Apart from making our virtual dreams come true (let’s say: living with your K-pop idol), Facebook user Cay Corpus compiled some of the other players’ funniest experiences while playing the app.

This penguin stealing an air conditioner

When your partner’s bento box managed to come home by itself

And this well-planned tank heist

When your partner hasn’t come home yet after long hours of office work

This unexpected turn of events

When the joke suddenly hits close to home


Sometimes it gets sad because you don’t really have a partner in real life 

Even this curb-side delivery service couldn’t help but ride its popularity

Pahinga lang kami wait lang ah

Posted by Angkas on Friday, February 28, 2020

Some players received surprise visits from their idols 

My ADORABLE HOME have a super nice glitch…@weareoneEXO pic.twitter.com/VQu92OyTgo

— D.O MY GOD (@thedomygod) February 29, 2020

Well, these are obviously edited

adorable home said "so what?! loona ot12 forever!". the girls performing for haseul and hadong, who are cheering for them ❤️ #AlwaysWithHaseul #LOONA pic.twitter.com/OKukxBzoph

— ajie: Going to YeRene!! (@ajiewannie) February 29, 2020

adorable home said blackpink house 2 pic.twitter.com/nwd8e8pagl

— 💍 (@unityblackpink) February 28, 2020

OH MY! (어쩌나) in Adorable Home 😂©FBRTW_17-Admin IrahLovesPuppyGyu 🐶

Posted by Say The Name Seventeen on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

kahit sa adorable home man lang mapanood ko yung Ben&Ben nang livepctto.

Posted by M u l t i – F a n d o m on Thursday, February 27, 2020

Adorable Home is really taking the internet by storm! And within a span of one month, the Mexican gaming company has already achieved more than 5 million downloads across the globe. But for its developer, Adorable Home is more than just a game. It also teaches us how our acts of kindness pay off in the end.


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