This story about a mysterious ‘baby footprint’ at Balanga malls will keep you awake tonight

October 19th, 2018

Recently, a story about a “mysterious baby footprint” that roams around Balanga, Bataan malls circulated on Twitter. According to user @kyuriiie, this has been going on for years and every time store owners/staff would open their stalls, they would see a single footprint that seems to be roaming around the area.

The single footprint from the mysterious toddler sometimes even comes with mud, grease, or even worse, blood. According to him, the footprint transfers from one stall to another per night and travels to different malls in Balanga.

The plot thickens as it turns out that the baby footprints are sometimes accompanied by an adult footprint.

And when people try to wipe the footprints off the floor, the other pair of footprint would appear.

Apparently, for some, seeing the mysterious footprint on their store means that the toddler decided to play on their area and that they will be blessed to have good sales for the day.

Others are sharing their own experience with the said mysterious footprint, saying that it happens from time to time.

One even pointed an eerie detail seen on the footprint.

While many were really creeped out after reading the collective stories about the mysterious footprint, some couldn’t help but dismiss the claims and say that the footprints could have been from street children passing by the malls. But @kyuriiie countered that guards don’t allow street children to enter the mall and that it’s highly unlikely for anyone to go inside a mall barefoot and with such dirty feet.

All of us after reading this story:

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