‘Broccolatte’ is now a thing—or maybe not

June 06th, 2018

You can now enjoy a “healthier” cup of joe with this latest addition to your coffee choices.

Aussie farmers grow some of the best crops in the world, but our national nutrition could be better. So @CSIROnews has found a way to add #broccoli to more foods – including your #coffee – while harvesting plant parts that usually go to waste. https://t.co/dAfZhQay3k pic.twitter.com/OCBJBqzI7X

— Larry Marshall (@DrLarryMarshall) June 6, 2018

We know that no matter how many times we tell ourselves that we will eat healthier, we still end up neglecting our daily dose of veggies. But we cannot seem to survive the day without drinking our favorite coffee. Since people love their coffee more than their veggies, researchers from CSIRO, Australia’s chief research organization, have created an ingenious solution to help you eat and drink healthier: a broccoli powder.

With the help from Hort Innovation, this broccoli powder is “made from whole broccoli, and produced using a combination of selected pre-treatment and drying processes to retain the natural colour, flavour and nutrient composition of fresh broccoli.”

According to the researchers, Broccoli was the best candidate (out of all vegetables) to break down into a powder ingredient because it “contains protein, fibre and health-promoting bioactive phytochemicals.” And every two tablespoons of the powder is equal to five servings of vegetables.

Though the powder can be added to your smoothies, dips, soups, and bread, CSIRO decided to try it out on coffee by introducing the “broccolatte” to one of the cafes in Melbourne. But “broccolatte” received mixed reviews.

#Broccolatte anyone?? Maybe… or maybe not. You might enjoy our new broccoli powder more in spag bol. ALSO: Not only does two spoonfuls = 1 serve of veggies, it helps cut down on food loss! https://t.co/qxIr5UzJes ^EK pic.twitter.com/5lIPrDCdBC

— CSIRO (@CSIROnews) June 6, 2018

Some found the innovation interesting and even suggested to make another coffee drink out of it.

wow #CSIRO , you came up with the most #Hipster thing ever and have taken the meaning of "#green" to a whole new level, all in one go ☕️+ 🥦

— Viktor Perunicic (@ViktorPerunicic) June 6, 2018

it just become official everyone: #broccoccino = 🥦+☕️

— Viktor Perunicic (@ViktorPerunicic) June 6, 2018

Very Interesting

— Altaf Mazhar Soomro (@AlanSoomro) June 6, 2018

While the taste doesn’t seem to suit well with others.

Make it stop

— Insi Nificant (@insi_nificant) June 6, 2018

Though the powder isn’t available yet, we can expect that it will be rolled out in the market pretty soon.

The powder isn’t commercially available yet but look out for it in the future in food products on supermarket shelves. Watch this space! ^NK

— CSIRO (@CSIROnews) June 6, 2018

Broccolatte, anyone?

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