This guy’s story about his dad’s rubber ducks is making people an emotional wreck

April 25th, 2018
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Losing a loved one is probably one of the most difficult challenges a person has to endure in a lifetime. It hits you hard when you wake up and realize that someone who was once alive, breathing the same air as you are, is simply gone. All you’re left with are the memories you’ve had with them — fragments of what used to be.

Twitter user Connor West shared an emotional story of his late dad’s obsession with rubber ducks as it used to be his “version of good luck”. It reminded everyone how sometimes the little things that our loved ones left behind have the biggest impact in our lives.

My dad always found rubber ducks while on walks and hid them around for his version of good luck. He passed four years ago, and we thought we found them all.

Tonight, I opened the back seat cupholder of my car for apparently the first time in a while.

Dad, you genius jerk

— Connor, A Wonderful Garden of Trash (@ConnorJ_W) April 18, 2018

According to The Independent, Connor’s dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and had to go on long walks around their town in New Jersey as part of his treatment. During his walks, his dad would often find rubber ducks and bring them home.

The rubber ducks soon became a part of their family where Connor’s dad would hid them or leave them on desks for good luck. Connor said they would even kiss the butt of the rubber ducks for good luck.

Four years after his father’s demise, Connor thought they found all the little rubber ducks his dad had hidden. To his surprise, he recently found one in the back seat cupholder of his car that he has not opened for quite some time.

Connor said that when he moved to college and the family house was sold a year after his father died in 2014, he took with him two of the ducks his dad has found and thought that his mother had taken the other.

People on Twitter got emotional and were moved by Connor’s story.

My neighbor must be making onion soup

— Don Vito Corleone (@MyLifeAsRay) April 19, 2018

Right?! I got some dust in my contacts or something

— Lauren Nelson (@laurenelson33) April 19, 2018

My eyes burning as I fight back the moisture

— Huey P Meets Louis V (@CrownUponKings) April 19, 2018

— Juicccy 🍊 (@karohu_) April 19, 2018

I’m cryin in the club and it wasn’t even my dad😭

— Atom Heart Mother. (@TheSteelyHan) April 19, 2018

Me rn

— Sydney (@corless_syd) April 19, 2018

— Ya boy (@johannkareem) April 19, 2018

Some are also sharing stories about keeping rubber ducks with them or finding things that their loved ones have left behind and how it brought back memories.

Omg! I have a similar story. I had an elderly neighbor I knew for 19 years that we’d call Papi Pato (duck). We were very close & when he passed away I would see rubber ducks in parking lots until I finally picked one up & put it in my car & after that they stopped appearing.

— v 🔮 (@m0ndaym0rning_) April 19, 2018

I find rubber ducks everywhere too

— Cody | Vandelex (@Vandelex) April 19, 2018

My daughter was killed a day after her 11th birthday. she always drew hearts everywhere. I’d find hearts in pieces of tape and under neath the counter. My last bday card hand made n signed n now I have it tattooed. This is next.

— Hurricane E (@Elsadubb) April 19, 2018

my friend wrote me a poem as a graduation gift and passed shortly after. I got her handwriting tattooed on me as well.

— queen jayden 🌼✨ (@umjayden) April 19, 2018

My dad passed 3 years ago and last week I found an old voicemail of him telling me to get off my Xbox and study, while I was playing Xbox and not studying. It’s the little moments that have the biggest impact. 💕

— steely han (@Hannah_Loehrke) April 19, 2018

Crazy- my dad always finds golf balls and leaves them around for HIS version of good luck…. this truly is heartwarming. I hope you are well.

— k80 (@septembersucks) April 19, 2018

Wow. I’m crying at 12:52am. I lost my dad about 5 years ago and I call his old phone number that my mom keeps just so I can hear his voice again. I’m so happy you were able to find this and I’m so glad this was such a positive thread ❤️

— Alexandra Mak (@AlexHMakk) April 20, 2018

Connor thanked everyone for the positive responses and outpouring support his tweet has gotten. He said he was grateful for all the people who shared their stories and thoughts with him and how he was able to share how great his dad was. He encouraged everyone to do a new act of kindness for someone and “Be someone’s rubber duck.”

Since I'm usually a pretty private person, I'm astounded by the outpouring of support this tweet's gotten.

To all my new friends and strangers this tweet passes by, do a new act of kindness for someone today. Be someone's rubber duck 🦆

— Connor, A Wonderful Garden of Trash (@ConnorJ_W) April 19, 2018

My closing thought on this thread:
I'm stoked I made so many new friends and I'm so fortunate that so many of you have shared similar stories or just thoughts in general with me. I'm so very thankful that you all have allowed me to share how great my dad was with you all. Be A🦆

— Connor, A Wonderful Garden of Trash (@ConnorJ_W) April 20, 2018

Who knew rubber ducks could make us cry this much?

"Be someone's rubber duck" is the most beautiful sentiment I've heard in a while, I hope he's in a peace man

— Red 🦇 Hood (@treetachi) April 19, 2018


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