Photo taken by Katrina Hallare/INQUIRER.net

Pinoy graduate shares the stage with Katy Perry, teaches her Filipino words

April 03rd, 2018

Every graduate has a dream. For many of them, it’s involves getting accepted into their dream job. For others, it’s all about creating their own business and succeeding in it. But for graduate Josh Madrid, his dream was simple — to meet Katy Perry during her Manila concert for Witness: The Tour. And last April 2, his dream came true.

Not only was Madrid able to see Katy Perry perform live, but he also got to hug her, teach her some Filipino words, and take a selfie with her!

Photo taken by Katrina Hallare/INQUIRER.net

Check out these clips from her concert:

#WitnessTheTour pic.twitter.com/nDVB5OMh0R

— Karen Ng (@Karenngggg) April 2, 2018

#WitnessTheTour pic.twitter.com/zJ8meRVd1l

— Karen Ng (@Karenngggg) April 2, 2018


Photo Credit: Twitter.com/ Karen Ng

Here’s to hoping more graduates experience a dream come true moment like Madrid’s! 


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