Devcon Summit highlights game-changing technologies on its 7th year

December 06th, 2017
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Developed with the theme: “Changing the Game”, DEVCON SUMMIT 2017, the Biggest Developer Conference in the Philippines transpired last November 18-19, 2017 at SMX Convention Center Aura, 3rd Level, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City.

Attended by more than 1,300 techies, this year’s summit has been kicked off with an opening keynote by DEVCON Philippines Founder,  Winston Damarillo.


Being one of the game-changing surprises for this year’s summit, Executive Director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf graced the event as the Keynote Speaker for Blockchain technology session.

In addition, a total of 6 breakout sessions was brought about by a set of renowned speakers to further enlighten the attendees about the emerging role of Blockchain in the tech industry.

Panel Discussion on Blockchain technology [L-R]: John Bailon (Moderator), Francisco Reyes, James Florentino, Dominick Danao, Dexter Genterone, and Michael Brucal

[Row 1] L-R: Francisco Reyes, Dexter Genterone, Michael Brucal; [Row 2] L-R: Dominick Danao, John Bailon, and James Florentino

Particularly, the session topics include: “SELF-SOVEREIGN IDENTITY ON THE BLOCKCHAIN” by Amihan Global Strategies Solutions Architect Francisco Reyes; ”INTRO TO HYPERLEDGER FABRIC AND COMPOSER” by Amihan Global Strategies Software Architect Dexter Genterone; “BLOCKCHAIN ON REMITTANCE USE CASE” by Satoshi Citadel Industries CEO and Co-Founder John Bailon; “ETHEREUM” by Magpie.IM Chief Product Officer Dominick Danao; “BUSINESS SIDE OF BLOCKCHAIN” by Mergecommit CEO James Florentino; and “ETHEREUM – CREATING YOUR OWN CRYPTOCURRENCY FROM TESTNET TO PUBLIC NETWORK” by ZendCreative Inc. CEO Michael Brucal.


On the latter part of Day 1, Hunter Nield, the CNCF Ambassador shares about “Going Cloud Native” to the participants who are keen on learning about Development and Operations (DevOps).

Panel Discussion on DevOps [L-R]: Joshua Arvin Lat (Moderator), Nikki Gomez, Alistair Israel, Jim Pelletier, Adrian Canopio, and Paul De Paula

[(Row 1) L-R: Nikki Gomez, Adrian Canopio, Alistair Israel; (Row 2) L-R: Jim Pelletier, Paul De Paula, and Joshua Lat]

Breakout sessions for DevOps that were held are as follows: “BUSINESS BENEFITS OF  DEVOPS” by BDO Deputy CIO Nikki Gomez; “MICROSERVICE ARCHITECTURE” by Samsung Research & Development Phil. Lead Engineer Adrian Conopio; “CLOUD NATIVE DEVOPS” by Shoresuite CEO Alistair Israel; “WHY YOU DON’T T NEED A DEVOPS ENGINEER ON YOUR TEAM” by PageUp Technical Advisor Jim Pelletier; “DEPLOYING PHP APPLICATIONS ON KUBERNETES” by Pantheon Customer Success Engineer  Paul De Paula; and “EFFECTIVELY DEALING WITH REAL DEVOPS CHALLENGES” by Complete Business Online CTO Joshua Arvin Lat.


Panel Discussion on Analytics & AI [L-R]: Dan Meyer(Moderator), Seon Park, Richard Guinto, Jolo Balbin, Ron Baetiong, Stephanie Sy, and Arvin Yason.

[L-R: Dan Meyer(Moderator), Seon Park, Richard Guinto, Jolo Balbin, Ron Baetiong, Stephanie Sy, and Arvin Yason.]

Moreover, the second day of the summit emphasized Analytics & Artificial Intelligence and CyberSecurity whereas the keynote for Analytics & AI was delivered by Arvin Yason, Managing Director at Accenture Technology.

[(Row 1) L-R: Stephanie Sy, Cielito Cosme, and Shin Quipit; (Row 3) L-R: Seon Park, Richard Guinto, Bert Gavino, and Jolo Balbin]

Breakout Sessions on Analytics & AI are as follows: “SO YOU WANT TO BE A DATA SCIENTIST” by Thinking Machines Founder Stephanie Sy; “UNDERSTANDING CHATBOTS: CREATING BETTER CONVERSATION” by ChatbotPH Software Developers Cielito Cosme and Shin Mar Quipit; “AI” by AWS Developer Specialist Solutions Architect Seon Yong Park; “TRENDS IN DATA SCIENCE AND IMAGE PROCESSING” by Accenture Digital Data Engineer Bert Gavino; “MOBILE AI: MAKING SMARTPHONES SMARTER” by Samsung Research & Development Phil. Director Richard Guinto; and “CHATBOTS USING SIMPLE AI AND NLP TECHNIQUES” by Indigo Research CTO Jolo Balbin.CYBERSECURITY

Edison Dungo, Vice-President for Cyber Resilience of Amihan Global Strategies, delivered the keynote for CyberSecurity.

Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity [L-R]: Anton Orpilla (Moderator), Dax Labrador, Ed Salinas, Glen Dimaandal, Alvin Gendrano, and Berlyn Decena.

[Row 1] L-R: Dax Labrador, Alvin Gendranol, and Atty. John Fajardo; [Row 2] L-R: Anton Orpilla and Berlyn Decena; [Row 3] Glen Dimaandal

Matching the Day 1 hype, the Breakout Sessions on Day 2 satisfied the attendees’ hunger for new learnings as our dynamic speakers discussed the following: “CYBERSECURITY CAREERS” by ROOTCON Founder Dax Labrador; “DEVSECOPS – STREAMLINING DEVOPS PROCESS WITH SECURITY USING IBM CLOUD/BLUEMIX PLATFORM” by IBM CyberSecurity/Infosec Specialist Anton Raphael Orpilla; “DATA PRIVACY FOR BUSINESS” by Atty. John Fajardo, Partner at Fajardo Law Offices; “THE IMPACT OF SECURE URL ON A WEBSITE’S SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY” by GDI Online Marketing CEO Glen Dimaandal; “SAMSUNG KNOX: DEVICE SECURITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL” by  Berlyn Decena, Mobile B2B Solution Architect of Samsung Research & Development Phil; and “CYBERSECURITY – A DATA PRIVACY OFFICER’S PERSPECTIVE” by Smart Communications Data Privacy Officer Alvin Gendrano.

Steering the program to its end, a closing keynote was then delivered by Winston Damarillo where he expressed his gratitude to the volunteers who have dedicated their time and skills to make DevCon Summit 2017 possible.

Wrapping the summit up, several games and raffle segments were held to give away minor and major prizes among the participants which include (1) Nintendo Switch by Accenture, (1) iPad Mini 4 128GB by Cloudstaff, (2) Samsung Note 5 GenCab Limited Edition #5 and #7 by Samsung Research & Development Phil, (1) Lucky Winner of 1 Ethereum (ETH), and many more.

About DevCon Philippines
DevCon or Developers Connect Philippines is a non-profit organization that aims to empower Filipino developers and promote the “IT Pinoy Talent” by providing venues for IT students, educators, professionals and enthusiasts to Sync, Support, and Succeed.

DevCon regularly conducts Code Camps which are workshops on different development tools and Campus DevCon events which are school-partnered events that aim to augment the academic learnings of students with up-to-date trends in the IT industry.

With chapters in Metro Manila (main), Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, and Bacolod chapters, DevCon has reached more than 60,000 participants since its founding in June 2009.

To promote collaborative growth and global competence of Filipino developers in the academe and IT industry.

A country with highly active communities of globally competent developers.


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