Filipinos can now live their K-drama dream and search for ‘Oppa’ on a visa-free travel to South Korea

November 09th, 2017

Finally, your dreams of coming to the land of K-dramas, skin care, and K-Pop, can come true without the hassle of applying for a visa to South Korea!

The upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics brings South Korea closer to us Filipinos because we will be granted visa-free entry to the country. As long they arrive through YangYang International Airport at Pyeongchang where the games will be hosted, Pinoys can now explore South Korea without needing to apply for a visa.

Yonhap news agency announced that South Korea also granted this perk to Indonesia and Vietnam, as part of its government’s goal to further boost the country’s tourism.

Seriously, this is just feeding our dreams of going to South Korea, visiting iconic sites from our favorite K-dramas, or maybe bumping into our oppas/idols!

So ready your bags, practice your “Annyeong haseyo,” ‘cause we’re probably in for some Seoul-searching in South Korea!

via aminoapps.com

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