Have dinner in the nude at Paris’s first naked restaurant

November 07th, 2017

In a narrow, unassuming street in Paris’s 12th arrondissement, a 40-seat restaurant sporting heavy blackout drapery encourages nudists of all persuasions to dine in “complete freedom.”

It’s no secret that France is pretty blasé when it comes to nudity. This lax attitude to nakedness is evident in the country’s many nude beaches, camping sites, and pools. A far cry from the Philippines where even bikinis are still considered risqué by many.

O’naturel is Paris’s first naked restaurant. It opened to the public last Friday, following an exclusive soirée for the Paris Naturist Association the previous night.

Inside, patrons dine in the nude amidst fellow birthday suit aficionados. O’naturel managers Mike and Stephane Saada stated customers were delighted with the experience.

Residents in the surrounding neighborhood are perfectly at ease with the launch of the restaurant. There haven’t been any protests, complaints, or self-righteous indignation so far. While it remains to be seen whether naked restaurants will be the next big trend in dining, it’s certainly a scene that’s catching on.

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