IN PHOTOS: Coming together for love and equality at the 2017 Metro Manila Pride March

June 27th, 2017
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The 23rd Metro Manila Pride March was held at Marikina City last Saturday, June 23, 2017. Being the longest-running LGBTQ+ festival in Asia, it continues to be a safe space for people of all genders in the country.

This year’s theme is #HereTogether, which served as a call for the allies of the LGBTQ+ community-friends, family, co-workers — to come out and show their support for equality. The official convener of the festival, Metro Manila Pride, estimated that there were 7,718 attendees this year — a larger crowd compared to the 4,000+ people who joined last year’s march.

Check out some of our photos from the event:

Attendees taking shelter and holding up the pride flag during the Metro Manila Pride March. PAULINE REYES/


Although majority of the attendees were millennials, older members of the LGBTQ+ community were also present. PAULINE REYES/


A couple participating in the march kisses in front of religious protesters. PAULINE REYES/


A couple holds hands after the march. PAULINE REYES/


Members of the LGBT Students Network who attended the 2017 Metro Manila Pride March. PAULINE REYES/


Ja Quintana performed at the program before the march. PAULINE REYES/


Attendees hold up their signs prior to the march. PAULINE REYES/


One of the first-timers who attended this year’s Pride March. Metro Manila Pride created a group for those who wanted to march but didn’t have anyone to go with. PAULINE REYES/


Members of Side B Philippines, a “research-oriented group” composed of LGBT activists who identify as bisexuals, present at the march. PAULINE REYES/


Members of Lady Gaga Philippines hold up a banner with a quote from the singer. PAULINE REYES/


A group of attendees donned a full rainbow spectrum of Hanbok, the traditional costume of Korea. PAULINE REYES/


Marching band that played during the march. PAULINE REYES/


A member of the Metropolitan Community Church wears the pride flag during the march. PAULINE REYES/


#HereTogether for Marawi: Members of Gabriela Youth also called for support for the residents of Marawi in light of the crisis there. PAULINE REYES/


Members of the Filipino Freethinkers came dressed as the Babadook, a figure from a horror movie that became an icon for the LGBTQ+ community because of a series of memes. PAULINE REYES/


Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago (second from left, in blue) participated in the march together with Bahaghari-Metro Manila. PAULINE REYES/


“The closet is no place for us”– Participants hold up their signs during the Pride March. PAULINE REYES/


#SquadGoals at the Pride March. PAULINE REYES/


Filipino writer and professor Danton Remoto (middle of photo, in white) was also present at the event. PAULINE REYES/

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