This 10-year old kid’s ingenious invention can help save babies from dying in hot cars

June 21st, 2017

If you haven’t noticed, more and more kids these days — like Cassie, Giana, and Kheris — are using their artistic talents to help others. Another kid has decided to do the same.

Bishop Curry is a ten-year-old boy from Texas who has a penchant for inventing things. But he does not want to just make things for his amusement; he wants to help others through his inventions. And his most ingenious device to date can actually save lives.

Bishop created a device called Oasis which monitors the temperature inside the car while attached on a child’s car seat. It emits cool air whenever the temperature inside the car increases, and alert parents via an antenna. He came up with the idea after learning that his neighbor, a six-month-old baby, died of heatstroke after being left inside a car.

Bishop’s gadget is only a prototype model with provisional patent. He needs to raise enough funds to have it patented and manufactured. As of this writing, they have already raised $24,000 through GoFundMe that Bishop’s dad put up.

It looks like Bishop’s invention will soon find it’s way to the market. Let’s cross our fingers!

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