School girl who earns millions per month through own business retires to focus on studies

Retired at 11? What a life!

After earning millions of dollars a month from her successful toy empire, 11-year-old entrepreneur Pixie Curtis has announced her ‘semi-retirement’ to focus more on her academics as an upcoming high school student.

Pixie Curtis is the daughter of Australian businesswoman and PR guru Roxy Jacenko. Pixie, just like her mom, is venturous and business-minded. At a very young age, the ‘not your average’ schoolgirl has earned a fortune through her accessory store, ‘Pixie Bows’.

PR guru Roxy Jacenko with daughter Pixie Curtis

Though her mom has helped her to build her multi-million dollar business empire, the mini mogul managed her way to the top as she launched another business: a fidget spinner store that is said to have reaped $200,000 (approximately Php10,000,000) in a single month.

Despite her thriving business career, Pixie decided to step back for a while to concentrate on non-mogul things like educational requirements.

In a statement made by Jacenco via, her daughter will take a short break from the business world in preparation for high school.

“Pixie has decided to hang her online toy store shoes up to focus on her impending entry into high school… In short, over the past few months, we have been discussing the business plans going forward as a family and decided that while it has been an amazing journey starting some three years ago, it was time to refocus with high school just around the corner,” the PR guru explained.

Jacenko also made it clear that Pixie’s store will continue its operations; however, it will go back to how it was before.

“While the Pixie’s Pix online store will remain, it will go back to how it began in 2011 – as the best destination for children’s hair accessories and hair bows known as Pixie’s bows – something that we will continue to manage together but with a lot less time/pressure for Pixie,” she explained.


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