Here’s what you can expect from tomorrow’s Miss Universe pageant

January 29th, 2017
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Can’t wait to find out what’s going down tomorrow? We’ve got some exclusive insider info just for you!

The show will be over 3 hours long.
Bes, tagal nito. Dala ka foods.

Expect a lot of jokes from Steve Harvey over his faux pas last year.
steve harvey
You had one job.

Flo Rida will open the pageant with a medley of his hits.
blow my whistle
Get it? No? Too bad.

The top 3 girls will be serenaded by a medley of Boyz II Men’s biggest hits.
It’s like being back in high school.

Filipino dance groups will be featured in various production numbers.

A cute clip of Pia showing Miss Universe co-host Ashley Graham the tarsiers of Bohol.
Close enough.

Videos of Philippine tourist spots and beaches featured in between commercial breaks.

A footage of Maxine teaching the other contestants how to eat balut.
You know. These cute things before they’re born.

A montage of the girls recreating past Miss Universe winning moments of their country.
miss u

The unveiling of Pia’s secret gown during her farewell walk. It’s so secret she didn’t even wear it during the dress rehearsals.tears
“Farewell walk na ni Pia, beshie.”

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