This woman fakes her compensation claims but gets busted by CCTV camera

The crazy things people do for money!

Sheyla Veronica White is an office worker in Florida who thought she succeeded in fooling her employer but got caught on a CCTV video.

We do wonder, what made her do what she did? Perhaps, her day was nothing extraordinary. She was probably going through the usual office routine and felt very dull. Or maybe she wanted to have that long overdue vacation at the Caribbean, but her income is just enough to cover her bills.

We cannot help but speculate.

But when that blessed sprinkler head broke and fell on her table, a wonderful idea crossed her mind. Looking around her quickly, she hits her forehead with the metal ring, and now she can cash it in from her employer.

Though White may have thought that her plan worked out and she successfully fooled her employer, unfortunately she did not. She was caught on their office’s security camera in the act!

There goes her master plan falling into shambles. If that is not bad enough, she was sentenced to 18 months of probation for scamming her employer.

Awww, better luck next time, Missy.

Next time, you are planning to fool your employer, think again.

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