The Palace Manila Online Halloween Bash

October 29th, 2020

On the last weekend of October, The Palace Manila will once again live up to its name as the top destination for Halloween in the Metro. Adapting to the new normal for events and now expanding their reach to outside of Mega Manila, The Palace Manila will be holding an Online Halloween Bash, the biggest virtual celebration in the country, that will happen on October 30 and 31 featuring the country’s top DJ and MC acts. The themed online shows will be free for everyone to watch on The Palace Manila’s official YouTube and Facebook pages. 

Day of the Dead Celebration at the Island by Nix Damn P feat. Katsy Lee and Mc Pao

Dia Delos Muertos! The two-day Halloween celebration of The Palace Manila kicks off with a Day of The Dead themed online show set in The Island brought to us by Jose Cuervo. See the biggest open-air party destination in the country come back to life with a killer set by DJ Nix Damn P complete with actors and visuals that will live up to the theme. 

Party crowd favorite DJ Katsy Lee will be opening for the show with MC Pao hyping up the virtual audience. 

The Haunting at the Palace by KaDJ and DJ Euric feat. DJ Dara Carmina and Marga on the Mic

For the main event of The Palace Manila’s Halloween Weekend, see what it’s like if Xylo were to exist in a dystopian future in The Haunting at The Palace. On Halloween night, Globe & Chivas transform the premiere club of The Palace Manila into a haunted and deserted space from top to bottom with actors creeping in to complete the eerie feel of the show. Expect an all night party with two main DJs taking on the Xylo deck namely DJ Euric and KatDJ. 

Gen-z favorite DJ Dara Carmina will be opening the show with a pre-game set with Marga On The Mic keeping the energy at a high level throughout the show. 

The Palace Manila will stay true to its charitable mission to aid in the fight against COVID-19 by opening donation channels to our viewers. All proceeds will be donated to the Philippine Army General Hospital in Taguig City.


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