Gloc9’s brand new single “Ice Tubig”

Universal Records Phils. welcomes back decorated rapper and eloquent wordsmith Gloc-9 for his newest project, to kick off with the single “Ice Tubig” ,to be released on August 11.

In time with the move is Gloc-9’s 20th anniversary in the industry in September, to be punctuated by a five-track album called Rotonda. This will be his fourth project with Universal Records, having previously recorded two albums (spawning hits like “Sirena” and “Magda”) and one documentary called Biyahe ng Pangarap.

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The award-winning rapper revealed that the new single “Ice Tubig” was inspired by Omarion’s 2006 hit “Ice Box”, and from there he made his own version through the song “Ice Tubig” – a song which he describes as a “love gone cold”. The catchy song features the vocals of Freestyle’s Mike Luis.