BTOB performing 2nd Confession. Photo by Nadie Esteban

It was earlier this year when All Access Productions announced the first mission of Super Pop Con Manila: to bring seven South Korean acts in the Philippines to entertain their fans for a one-night concert at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Photo by Nadie Esteban

South Korean idol groups B1A4, B.A.P, BTOB, VIXX, Pentagon, B.I.G and recently debuted Filipina Kriesha Chu, indeed came to the country. And before facing their Filipino fans for the concert, they met the media for a press conference. They answered questions about their their latest activities and projects, as well as how they see their Filipino fans.

B1A4 thanked Filipino BANAs and teased them about their upcoming album, while VIXX’s Hyuk expressed his desire to come back in the country with his “Hanggang sa muli!” message to their fans.

BTOB at the press conference. Photo by Nadie Esteban

BTOB’s Sungjae praised Filipinos with his personal message: “I know you guys are hot, please watch our performances and you will be hotter,” followed by laughs from the media. BTOB is one of the most awaited acts for the Super Pop Con because of Sungjae’s role in the popular Korean drama “Goblin.”

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Pentagon graced the press conference in bright suits and equally bright smiles while answering questions from the media. First timer and Pinoy pride Kriesha Chu received a warm welcome from the press and in return, she promised to give a good performance for her kababayans.

Photos by Nadie Esteban

B.A.P promised a worth-the-wait production number at the concert—thanking their fans for the support through the years. BIG’s Benji’s took the press con as an opportunity to send a message to comedian Vice Ganda, whom they met at the noontime show “It’s Showtime!”.

Best. Absolute. Perfect! Photo by Nadie Esteban

“It’s nice meeting you, and if possible I would really love for us to meet together and you know, hang-out like to party,” he said, earning some laughters from the press.

B.I.G. at the press conference. Photo by Nadie Esteban

Missed the concert? Check out these photos and videos:


by Clarisse Inao and Nadie Esteban