New insurance technology covers broken hearts and broken promises

February 16th, 2020

MANILA, Philippines – In this month of hearts, sweet gifts, proposals, and overt displays of affection, one cannot help but consider as well the flip side to all these—the possible heartbreak. Recent studies have shown that from the month of December to March, the world (the Philippines included) suffers from the highest rate of breakups and broken promises.

Thanks to an insurance technology (“insurtech”) startup called Saphron , it is now possible for Filipinos to be covered against heartbreaks. After all, if celebrities worldwide have been known to insure their legs, their voices, and their body parts for millions of dollars, why not an aching heart?
Enter: Heartbreak Insurance.

Heartbreak Insurance by Saphron, available through www.heartbreak.ph

MONA Heartbreak Insurance is a form of Events Cancellation Insurance, which means there is a benefit to be given to the insured party in case a declared specific event is cancelled—the event could be a wedding or planned anniversary celebration such as dinner at a fancy restaurant, a party or a trip.

The cancellation of the wedding or anniversary celebration must be due to unforeseen causes such as an accident, a critical illness, a cancelled flight or even a breakup due to “family intervention”, among others. The benefit to be provided is an overnight stay at one of Saphron’s partner hotels around the Philippines.

Saphron CEO Lorenzo Chan, Jr. said that their mission is to make insurance radically accessible and inclusive to both the emerging market and first-time buyers.

“This means exploring innovative ways to offer bite-sized, affordable protection for the different needs of the market out there. We need to be relevant. If we can secure protection for our health, cars, travel, or laptops, why not some of our events & heartaches,” said Chan.

He said that to ensure the product will be as simple as possible, it had to be less complicated than love. In fact, to help clients with their transactions, Saphron came up with a chatbot named MONA, who is meant to aid the broken-hearted as they “Move On NA.” The product also had to be affordable, hence the Php300 price tag. But the benefit of a staycation for some me-time is timely & appropriate.

“The trigger point to claim is the cancellation of the planned event. While no one can promise complete healing of a broken heart in one night, we’ll certainly help you take the first steps,” Chan stressed.

He further added that Heartbreak Insurance is only in its first iteration, with plenty of opportunities to expand into other benefits.

New and unusual, but a practical gift for yourself or a friend

Saphron COO Micaela Beltran, when asked if this was a product that one should get for oneself, said, “Yes and no. Yes, if you are preparing for your wedding day or an important event, and no, not necessarily—since this is a product you can easily get for a friend or someone you care about.”

She added, “We’ve all been there at some point. This brings to mind that in every ‘barkada’ there will be that one friend whose choice of partner leaves you with serious doubts. MONA Heartbreak Insurance may come in handy, just in case the feared inevitable happens. At the onset, your friend might not like the thought of you insuring against their relationship, but they might just thank you for it later on. With Heartbreak Insurance and our chatbot MONA, you can ‘be there’ for your friend or loved one when they need to heal from their heartbreak.”

Can you relate? Watch who might buy this by clicking on this link:

Iligtas ang best friend mo (na matagal mo nang kursonada) mula sa tiyak na heartache dulot ng kanyang tukmol na…

Posted by Heartbreak PH on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Backed by Pioneer

MONA Heartbreak Insurance is backed by Saphron’s partner, Pioneer Insurance, one of the most innovative insurers in the market.

Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation was the first company established in the Pioneer Group back in 1954. In 2019 alone, the group issued over 20 million policies. That same year, Pioneer Insurance charted gross written premiums of over Php10 billion and assets of over Php36 billion.

Saphron’s Chan, who also serves as Retail Organization Head of the Pioneer Group of insurance companies and CEO of Pioneer Life Inc., said that when Supertyphoon Yolanda hit the country in 2013, the Pioneer group was among the first to respond & paid out a total of over Php1.23 billion in claims.

“Everyone needs a helping hand to pick themselves up and move on after a loss. We can be there when you go through your heartbreak just as we were there for our policyholders in the aftermath of Yolanda. MONA Heartbreak Insurance can be that initial step,” Chan pointed out.

Saphron in itself is a rapidly growing startup, seeded in early 2019 through the partnership of investor Sage Pte. Ltd. and inclusiontech venture builder Talino Venture Labs , whose product portfolio now includes an AI-powered agent platform for micro insurance agents called NAN.AI, Pioneer’s InsureShop.ph, MONA Heartbreak Insurance and several others in the pipeline. MONA Heartbreak Insurance demonstrates Saphron’s commitment to bringing insurance that’s relevant, accessible, and affordable to the first-time buyer.

“Some people might still think we’re crazy to design Heartbreak Insurance,” Beltran shared. “But we’re here to challenge traditional notions of insurance, and if our efforts to convince more people out there to try out insurance for the first time is considered “crazy”, then we don’t mind being just a bit ‘crazy’.”

To access Heartbreak Insurance and MONA, visit http://www.heartbreak.ph.





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