PBB ex-housemate Angelie Reposposa expresses her disappointment and burden as a breadwinner

Angelie Reposposa, also known as “Lie,” was an ex-housemate in Pinoy Big Brother who now lives peacefully with her foreign fiancé, Paul Joshua Marsden. The two are often seen posting cute photos and dancing videos on Lie’s Facebook account.

There are also moments when the ex-housemate shared funny interactions with delivery riders while ordering through fast-food chains. While these posts seem like lighthearted and innocent interactions, one particular comment under a post caught Lie’s attention. The commenter called her out for living a careless life while her family “struggles with finances and bills remain unpaid.”

via Facebook

This comment made the ex-housemate, now an influencer, both mad and disappointed. She’s disappointed by the fact that, despite everything she does for her family, nothing seems to be enough for them. Lie admitted that it is becoming exhausting for her.

The actress wrote:

I just want to let out my frustrations. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right or wrong, but it’s too much. As a breadwinner, it’s really tiring. At first, I just wanted to help, but now everything has become my obligation. I’m just one person, but I have to support seven others. What hurts me the most is that even though I help them, if I can’t give them what they want, I’m the bad one. It’s even worse because my own mother gossips about me to her friends. Of course, that hurts me too. [I just want to vent out of my anger, I don’t know if what I’m doing is right or wrong, but it’s too much as a breadwinner, it’s also tiring at first, I just want to help until it becomes my entire obligation and I’m only 1 (one person), but I’m supporting 7 (people) what’s more painful for me is that I helped them, but if I didn’t give them what they wanted, I become the bad person, it’s my own fault, my own mother gossips about me with her friends, of course I’m hurt too.]

The influencer also got mad about the unsolicited comment because, according to her, this “Marites” (a Filipino colloquial term for a gossiper) created issues without any basis in truth. She believes that family matters should remain within the family. Lie debunked the claim that she isn’t helping her family with expenses by stating in her post that she actually bought her family their own farm, something they had wanted for a long time.

At the end of the Facebook post, Lie expressed that although she was hurt by her family’s words, she believes they can resolve this issue. She hopes to feel like she is still part of the family she continues to support, despite her own struggles, especially now that she has shared she is battling PTB Anemia.


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