BSP reprimands Filipino vlogger for making a kite out of 1,000-Philippine peso bills

Being an influencer can sometimes be challenging, despite what some may believe. Having to constantly generate fresh content ideas to keep viewers engaged and entertained requires creativity and dedication. Building and maintaining a stable following or traction demands consistent effort and adaptability in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Due to this, many influencers fall flat on their faces once they’ve hit a stump where even imagination can’t provide a stable idea for content—forcing many to resort to unconventional approaches, much like what Filipino Vlogger Ronnie Suan did.

Famously known as “Boy Tapang” on his YouTube platform, he decided to create a kite made entirely out of 1,000 peso bills, totaling about 1 million pesos, all for a YouTube video.

Unfortunately for Boy Tapang, soon after his upload, officials from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) paid him a visit due to the content of his video. He was later reprimanded for not preserving the integrity of the nation’s money.

It is stated by law and PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 247 of 1973, “defacing, mutilating, tearing, or partially burning or destroying our currency by any means renders it unfit for circulation, thereby unduly shortening its lifetime, and such acts unfavorably reflect on the discipline of our people and create a bad image for our country.”

And that any form of tampering of the Filipino Peso issued by BSP will be faced by, a “fine of not more than twenty thousand pesos and/or by imprisonment of not more than five years.” as per this law.

The local vlogger has since apologized in a recent Facebook post, where he expressed to the media and to the BSP his regrets upon his actions, asking those who had watched his video for their forgiveness as well as to not repeat his mistake. The YouTube vlogger further clarified that the content was created solely for entertainment purposes and never intended for it to escalate to that extent.

Suan proceeds to clarify his intentions prior to making the video, emphasizing his commitment to being more responsible when discussing financial matters on YouTube.

Growing up in a financially challenged household himself, he acknowledged the sensitivity of the topic and pledges to handle it with greater care moving forward. “Hindi ko po intensyon na paglaruan ang pera kasi ako po ay galing sa mahirap, so ‘yung pera ay malaki ang value sa akin. Pinapahalagahan ko po ‘yung pera [I didn’t intend to play around with money because I come from a poor background, so money has great value to me. I value money],” Suan stated.


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