Just when you thought conspiracy theories about Avril Lavigne being dead and replaced by another person died a long time ago, it just keeps coming back to life.

Imagine you’re Avril Lavigne and you woke up to news sweeping the internet saying you’re actually dead and was just replaced by a clone. You’d probably be singing “What The Hell” because apparently, this theory has been going on for a long time now and it’s freaking people out all over again.

via Tumblr
via Tumblr

It started with a Brazilian fanpage which claims that Lavigne died several years ago and was just replaced by a lookalike called “Melissa Vandella.” Recently, a Twitter thread discussed several details of the conspiracy theory.


It was said that Lavigne hired Melissa as a way to distract paparazzi but they quickly became friends and Avril decided to teach Melissa. But when Lavigne’s grandfather died, she got depressed and killed herself — making Melissa take over her life as “Avril Lavigne.”


According to speculations, Lavigne’s voice, facial features changing, and other “evidences” prove that the Punk Princess we know today is actually a fake. It was even pointed out that Lavigne had a photo with “Melissa” written on her hands.


Many were pretty shook because of this and some who knew about it provided more “proof.”



Things got pretty complicated for some and this one lost his chill:


But the highlight of this theory, probably, is that people are now calling Avril Lavigne as Melissa and telling her to come clean.


From Avril Lavigne to Melissa Vandella real quick. From being alive to committing suicide and covering it up with a lookalike. Who would’ve thought, right?



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