This feline celebrity chef dresses up to be the perfect date for his mom

Have you met Maro, the chef cat? He is the latest Instagram sensation that loves to cosplay…

…and date his mom, Rie Matsui.

According to Matsui, when she learned the Maro is easy to get along with, she decided to dress him up and take pictures of him. As a result, she get to do what she is passionate about — photography and Japanese culture & cuisine.

Since then, Maro has been her perfect date. Whether it’s over beer and Yakitori…

…or a plateful of sashimi.

Even a classy dinner of wine, salad, and bolognese…

…or just over coffee.

You name it. This cat will dine with her mom over just about anything!

Want to be his date? Check out Maro’s Instagram for more adorable photos.

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