Taiwan might get a pink museum park inspired by peach blossoms

Dutch architecture studio MVRDV has unveiled their stunning vision for a new museum park in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The design for the Taoyuan Museum of Art, which was created in collaboration with JJP Architects & Planners, is completely pink and inspired by peach blossoms—a nod to city’s history as the “city of the peach.”

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The museum’s main building will be made from pink-hued aluminum and composed of interconnected structures shaped like the petals of peach blossoms. The museum park will cover over 29,000 square meters of land and will incorporate the nearby river into the design to give new value to the landscape. Cherry and peach trees will cover the park as well as numerous terraces in the buildings to give the park color and fragrance.

“These flower-like figures appear in the park and form a new identity for the park. A pinkish aluminum façade will be implemented throughout giving a strong and beautiful character to the site,” said MVRDV. “The roof terraces with peach trees create overviews and add on to the green qualities of the buildings and the park.”

No word yet on when the museum will be built or if they will choose MVRDV’s design, but the rendered photos have us all wishing for a pink park we can someday visit. Check out the photos from the architecture studio below:

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Watch their video below:


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