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Robert Lowe, Chicken Sandwich, Space,
Robert Lowe helps launch the world-famous chicken sandwich to space

Nope, Robert Lowe will not go to space, the chicken sandwich will! Just recently, a famous fast food chain...

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.34.14 PM
Japanese ad got canned because it’s “too dangerous”

A short video commercial for Mitsuya Cider, a Japanese carbonated drink, was pulled by its manufacturer Asahi Soft Drinks...

Chicken Nugget Sauce
Someone just bought a 19-year old chicken nugget dip on eBay and it cost him $14,700

Let’s be honest, we’ve obviously been guilty of excessively craving chicken nuggets at one point in our lives. And...

man frying chicken
This guy gets arrested after breaking into a house to cook chicken and drink vodka!

Seriously, who does that? A man named Ronald Wesley was arrested after allegedly breaking into a Florida home, not...

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.39.07 PM
Japan’s ‘oldest male pornstar’ bares secret to his longevity

Age is definitely just a number for 82-year-old Shigeo Tokuda.

yael yuzon
Yael Yuzon of Spongecola translates hit single “Jeepney” on the spot — after being told he can’t sing in Tagalog

Mall management allegedly prohibited Yael Yuzon from performing Tagalog songs in that part of the mall because it was...

via The Star Online
Dog left on a ledge without railings sparks outrage in Malaysia

A photo of a dog left on an apartment ledge in Kuala Lumpur without railings went viral and sparked...

K-Pop fans are roasting this all American ‘K-Pop’ group EXP edition

If you’re a K-Pop fan and you haven’t heard of this, there’s an all American K-Pop group who call...

Bruno Borges, aliens, mystery,
A 24-year-old alien enthusiast mysteriously disappears and leaves room filled with coded symbols

Bruno Borges from Brazil was last seen by his family on March 27. His mysterious disappearance got everyone scratching...

Lady, Head, Stuck, NYC, subway, passer-by
WATCH: Lady’s head got stuck in a subway train door and ignored by commuters

What has become of us? #FaithInHumanityRuined A video uploaded by @thesharedroom on Instagram has gone viral online: It showed...

Woman Freaked out
Woman went full-on beast mode over a couple’s PDA, accuses them of sexually harassing her

The plot twist is, after calling the couple “disgusting,” the internet found out that she posts nude photos of...

Arnold Photo
Arnold Schwarzenegger schools troll on what it means to be a decent human being

Trolls, amiright? They’re everywhere on the internet these days, trying to inject their irrelevant and offensive opinions in every...