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waze na po tayo
13 truths only people who regularly take Uber would understand

D2 na po ako, ma'am/sir. tnx - uber

Friday the 13th, Unlucky things
13 unlucky things that can happen to you on Friday the 13th

Ever said to yourself, “It’s Friday the 13th! What’s the worst that could happen?” 1. When you leave your...

14 Famous movie lines that perfectly describe and shutdown your New Year’s resolutions

1. Basically what we all tell ourselves when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve:   2. When...

10 quirky Christmas traditions around the world

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all getting busy with our usual holiday traditions: putting up all the...

Netizens point out Comic Sans font in Sen. Villanueva’s photo of his alleged authorization letter

The senator tweeted the photo to point out that he was never a representative of Buhay Partylist but netizens...

16 cute animal GIFs to help us get through this one hell of a week

After everything that happened this week, we need some cuteness. 1. With the recent turn of events, this is...

002-inqpop comix-labing isa-panel1-v2
What The POP! Comix #2 – “Labing-isa”

Movies that describe your sweldo
18 Movie Titles Describing Your Sweldo That Will Make You Say “True, bes!”

Once upon a time there was sweldo… 1. When you didn’t even feel the presence of your sweldo after...

inqpop comics 0001_dresscode-v2-6
What The POP! Comix #1 – “Dress Code”

Pinoy Ako
Seven mannerisms that are as Pinoy as balut and taho

Now that Ransom Rigg’s debut novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a motion picture, it would be...

yayitsfriday (1)
16 Moments That You Live For When You Truly, Deeply, Madly Love Fridays

“Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!” 1. Finally, it’s the end of a long week for you. Welcome...

18 ‘Eye-opening’ Truths About People Who Can’t Easily Shut Their Eyes At Night

What is sleep?   1. Thinking that you have to wake up early in the morning makes you want...