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Queen Elsa kicks Barbie’s butt with a whopping $5 billion in toy sales

For the first time in its history, toymaker Hasbro has passed rival Mattel in sales.

Dreamworks, kid, grown up, Eurovision
The little boy in Dreamworks’s logo is all grown up — sort of

Are you familiar with the Dreamworks logo? It’s the little boy seated on the moon while fishing that you...

The Little Mermaid, ABC, Disney, live musical
ABC will take viewers under the sea with The Little Mermaid Live this October

We can’t wait to go under the sea! It’s no longer news that TV networks have live action musicals....

Quiz, Mom, Mother's Day, KinderPOP!, Cartoon Characters
This quiz will reveal your mom’s alter ego from the cartoon world!

Ever wondered how your mom can fix your fave breakfast, pack the best baon, make time to hang out...


The Philippine LEGO© Users Group (PHLUG) is bringing back ABRICKADABRA, the first and only LEGO© fan convention in the...

Disney announces release date for Frozen 2 and we can’t let it go

After the massive global success of the animated film Frozen, Disney announced in 2015 that fans will be seeing...

KinderPOP!, summer, reads, books, kids, adventure
Five must-read books that will take you to your next great adventure this summer

If you like our book suggestions, make sure to buy yourself a copy! Just click on the links below....

Get excited! Disney will bring 19 more animated movies to life

After the success of the live-action adaptations of Cinderella, Maleficent, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast, people will...

KinderPOP!, Gift Wrapping, Bow, Crafts, DIY
Make your gifts look extra special with this DIY gift wrapping bow

Materials You Will Need: Colored Paper Scissors Glue or double-sided tape Ruler Pencil What To Do: 1. Fold and...

KinderPOP!, Shopkins, Toys, Collectibles, Shopping, Retail
The craze about those lil’ cute toy collectibles called Shopkins

Have you met Millie Shakes, Apple Pie Alice, and Sunny-screen? They are just some of the adorable characters in...

19 Times you and your sisters were just like the Powerpuff Girls

Life isn’t always full of sugar, spice, and everything nice but your love for each other will definitely save...