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Barefoot kid
‘Kris Carroll’ reacts to people praising him for giving shoes to a barefoot kid

Just recently, we released a story about a foreigner named Kris Carroll who bought a new pair of shoes...

panda smiling
Pornhub wants you to save Giant Pandas by “doing it” panda-style.

There's a totally legit reason for this, and it's not to satisfy all the furry fetishists out there.

Hugh Jackman FT
Hugh Jackman’s 2013 video interview with a former student is taking the internet by storm–again!

Ever wondered what is it like to have Wolverine as your P.E. teacher? An old video of actor Hugh...

Arnold Photo
Arnold Schwarzenegger schools troll on what it means to be a decent human being

Trolls, amiright? They’re everywhere on the internet these days, trying to inject their irrelevant and offensive opinions in every...

Barefoot kid
Man buys a new pair of shoes for a boy he saw walking barefoot

In fairy tales, Prince Charming would search a whole town just to give a missing shoe to a woman...

Sia, wig-free, look, wigs, LAX
Sia stuns the world with an extremely rare wig-free appearance

Known for donning face-covering wigs and hats whenever she’s in the public eye, Sia ditched her usual ensemble at...

First Date, Reject, Friendzone, LOL
Girl freaks out with guy’s response after she friendzones him on their first date

Ever had a totally crazy post-date experience? This guy just wanted to be polite and totally cool after being...

This luxury home company will let you travel the world and pay you $10K per month

If you like traveling, blogging, and you definitely have the skills to make an Instagram account “feed goals”, then...

00 malasimbo
Malasimbo: Homage to the best of Philippine culture

Picture it: after months on end of working in the crowded and polluted Metro, you travel for hours by...

Baby Spa Perth, Baby, Spa, Australia
This totally cool and adorable spa for babies will make you want to be a baby again

Who says spas are only for adults? Baby Spa Perth is Australia’s first spa for babies aged 2 to...

via OceanGate Expeditions
Titanic wreckage site is open for tourists whose hearts go on for it

Near, far, or wherever you are — you can have this once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the Titanic up close...

Dating Resume, Joey Adams, MSU
This college dude didn’t expect his dating resume would make him an internet sensation

Looking for a date? Check out this dude’s dating resume! A 21-year-old college student from Michigan State University, Joey...