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Sun Bears, Indonesian Zoo, Hungry,
This footage of starving sun bears in an Indonesian zoo is too upsetting to watch

An animal welfare group, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, recorded a video of skinny, starving sun bears in an...

kalesa hit by bus
Horse injured after being hit by a bus in Manila

The horse was sideswiped by a bus and then slammed into a public jeep.

Miss Universe 2016, 65th Miss Universe Pageant
10 inspirational quotes that will motivate you to face the world like a beauty queen

Need a little inspiration in your life? Find out what keeps some of the contestants in the 65th Miss...

Edgar Allan Poe, Author, Gothic, Birthday
10 things you need know about the gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the major contributors of the American Romantic Movement and was considered an author,...

waze na po tayo
13 truths only people who regularly take Uber would understand

D2 na po ako, ma'am/sir. tnx - uber

Designated Survivor, Leadership
Unmasking what leadership truly entails in a political diorama

Have you ever had that experience that something you never wished for is shoved right into your life? And...

Miss Universe Solar-TV5-Smart-PLDT Tie-Up
Solar Entertainment, TV5, PLDT, and Smart converge to bring Miss Universe 2017 closer to more Filipinos

Leading Philippine telco and digital services provider PLDT and mobile leader Smart Communications together with broadcast station TV5 bringing...

mcdonald's new ad
This McDonald’s video shows our parents’ unconditional love despite all of our “sablay”

Our parents when they see us and all the crazy things we do? Wala e, “Love ko ‘to!” Being...

Top Gear Dog dies at the age of 11

Sad news, car enthusiasts and dog lovers. Top Gear Dog is dead.

Mark Gatiss, Sherlock, BBC
Just when you thought that the action in Sherlock is over, Mark Gatiss slams critic with lyric poetry

The recent episode of BBC’s hit TV series, Sherlock, has received mixed responses from critics. One criticism that stood...

Be a #CyberPinoy: Tips and Tricks in being a responsible Pinoy netizen

In today’s digital world, online connectivity has become an important and indispensable component of our everyday lives. Online predators...

break free
This student-made ad for Adidas will make you want to ‘Break Free’

Sometimes we may feel like we’re stuck in a life where we think all we need is a bit...