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Family in London hires couple who can take care of their home and dogs

May 18th, 2020

When you were a child, you probably dreamt of becoming an actor, doctor, firefighter, teacher, and many more. But now that you’re an adult, searching for a high-paying job that suits your passion might seem like a dream. That’s why a lot of people decided to pursue a career in the business world instead of following their passion.

Just in case you’re so tired of your current job, the recruitment agency Silver Swan has a special offer for you and your partner! A family from London is looking for a couple who can take care of their home, along with their two loving dogs.

The ideal candidate should be a dog lover and must possess the following qualities: well-organized, passionate about fine food and wine, a London-culture savvy, excellent cooking skills, should have a “full, clean driving license”. Although not needed, applicants who are able to communicate in a foreign language is a plus.

According to the agency’s website, the hired couple will be responsible for cooking meals, managing home improvement projects, driving for the family (and the guests, if there’s any), shopping for their needs—and last but not least, looking after their two friendly dogs.

Artwork by Ric John Brecio/INQUIRER.net

How much is the salary for this job?

The total amount of annual salary when combined will be £62,000 (Php 3.7 million) plus they will be provided with their “own private apartment” free of charge.

The work schedule is “5 days per week when [the] family are in residence for 2 weeks each month, complete flexibility for the remainder of the month”.

Normally, the family is at home for two weeks every month, which means that the hired caretakers are in full control of their schedules as long as they fulfill their daily tasks.

For more details about the recruitment process, you can check here.

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